An intro to Skagway and Tours
Skagway, Alaska, the gateway to the Klondike.

Skagway is one of the most visited coastal towns in the state of Alaska. During the winter months Skagway's population is about 960 people; however, during the summer tourism season it plays host to over 900,000 visitors most of them in port from cruise ships.

Skagway got its start as a small town that grew to a large city during the Gold Rush of 1898. After the Gold Rush was over Skagway experienced a population decline until cruise lines discovered its beauty.

There is no better way to see Skagway than flightseeing. Flightseeing allows the tourist to view rivers, glaciers and mountain peaks like never before. Take a flight over the famous Alaskan national parks or delve into mountainous ranges. It is possible to see tide water glaciers cascading into the cold ocean water below.

Glacier National Park is a popular flight seeing tour and its vast beauty spans 3.3 million acres. It is one of the largest protected areas in the world. Glacier Bay is also one of the few national parks that you can not drive to.

While in the air Skagway's beautiful wildlife can be viewed. You may be lucky enough to see a bald eagle taking flight or see the humpback whales below in the icy waters.

Whatever you do don't forget your camera. There will be plenty of breathtaking sites you will want to bring home to show family and friends!

How far to Glacier Bay?

Glacier Bay Flights

Gustavus sits inside Glacier Bay but being so small and remote there are few options. The best options for flights to Glacier Bay are from Haines and Skagway. From Haines you're in the park within 10 mins, Skagway is 15 mins further more »

How much is a flight?

Glacier Bay Flightseeing

Flights to Glacier Bay depend on where you're starting from. From Haines you can hop on a flightseeing tour for as little as $170, and Skagway for as little as $200. read more »

Accessing Glacier Bay

Flights over Glacier Bay cruises

Glacier Bay is one of the few national parks that you can not drive to. Even though that is the case over one hundered thousand tourist make their way to Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, 99% of vistiors arrive on cruise ship. Cruise ships only show a minute portion of Glacier Bay. Find more on Alaska Glacier Flights »

Glacier Bay Mountain Flights

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